Cod Fish Balls recipes

Simple Cod Fish balls recipe:

Take a pint size bowl of codfish and two pint size bowls of whole raw peeled potatoes, sliced thickly; put them together in plenty of cold water and boil until the potatoes are thoroughly cooked.

Once cooked, remove them all from the pan and drain off all the water.

Mash the cooked ingredients together with a potato masher or a fork. Whilst doing the mashing add a piece of butter about the size of an egg, one well-beaten egg, and three spoonfuls of cream or rich milk. Continue mashing it all together.

Flour your hands and roll and shape the (now mashed) fish and potato ingredients into balls or cakes.

Put an ounce each of butter and lard into a frying pan; when hot, put in the balls and fry until they turn a nice golden brown colour.

Tip: Do not freshen the fish before boiling with the potatoes. Many cooks fry them in a quantity of lard similar to boiled doughnuts.

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