How to Fillet a Fish – such as Cod and Haddock (Video Guide)

How to Fillet Cod

The more ambitious of you out there may choose to fillet your own fish. This is not as difficult as it sounds, but you may need a little practice and the right equipment.

Here is a guide, complete with a video showing you how to fillet a fish – using codfish as an example.

How to fillet a cod with Alan Charlton:

Some quick tips on filleting fish:
You will need:
*A fish scaler (optional)
*A sharp filleting knife
*A filleting glove (optional but recommended)
*Plenty of newspaper

1) Make sure you have a very sharp knife (blunt knives can damage the fish). You can take your choice of knife to to use, some prefer a long knife, others a short one. The only real requirement is making sure it is sharp. If you need to, sharpen your knife while you are filleting the fish.

2) Make sure to clean the fish first in cold water

3) Use a wooden or plastic base to fillet the fish on. Use cold water if you need to during the filleting – do not use hot water. When using water, keep a towel handy – water can make the fish very slippery and increases the risk of accidents – so be careful

4) Make a cut down one side of the fish (behind the gills), and cut deep enough to reach the rib cage of the fish (without cutting through the rib cage)

5) Cut along the spine of the fish. Basically cut the fish down the spine towards the tail.

6) When this is done, push the knife right through the fish and continue cutting unitl the knife seperates the fillet at the fish’s tail (see video). Then you are free to cut the fillet free from the rib cage. Take care and don’t rush – it may not come off cleanly on the first cut.

For best results follow the video guide above.
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