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How to Fillet a Fish – such as Cod and Haddock (Video Guide)

The more ambitious of you out there may choose to fillet your own fish. This is not as difficult as it sounds, but you may need a little practice and the right equipment. Here is a guide, complete with a video showing you how to fillet a fish – using codfish as an example. How [...]

Chef Mary Recipe: Cod Fish served with asparagus and bechamel sauce

Chef Mary show you how to make Cod Fish served with asparagus and bechamel sauce quickly and easily in this video recipe.

Cod With Raisins – Greek Traditional Recipe (Video)

Greeks have had a long relationship with the sea and seafood. As Greece has over 14,000 kilometres of coastline the majority of her population is never very far from the sea, hence, Greece has a seemingly unlimited amount of seafood recipes. This cod fish recipe originates in the southern Peloponnese, specifically from the area of [...]

McCormick & Schmick’s Recipe for Baked Cod, Clams & Mussels (Video Recipe)

McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurants is a famous American chain of quality seafood restaurants that started in Portland, Oregon. They specialize in fresh seafood. Here they share a recipe for Baked Cod with Clams & Mussels (Video Recipe). ———————————————————— For more delicious McCormick & Schmick recipes check out their book “Mccormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurant [...]

Graze – Healthy & Nutritional food delivered to your home or workplace. Offer: First Box Free and your Second Box Half Price is a new way of getting amazingly healthy and nutritional food delivered directly to your desk or your home, at a frequency defined by you. What is Graze? Graze allows you to sign up and get a nutritionally balanced snack box delivered to your desk at work or to your home. How it works: [...]

Rick Stein’s Spanish Salt Cod Fritters Recipe (Video)

Rick Stein shows you how to create a traditional Spanish Cod dish using salt cod. Stein creates Spanish Salt Cod Fritters, shows the ingredients needed, and the best methods for making cod fritters. Learn from the master. This video is a segment from: ‘Rick Stein’s Mediterranean Escape’. Rick Stein’s Spanish Salt Cod Fritters Recipe (Video): [...]