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Gino D’Acampo is currently riding a new wave of popularity on the UK TV Show – “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here”.

The celebrity chef has charmed the nation with his honest and passionate attitude in the jungle and is a strong favourite to win the series.

Gino has a long TV history and before his time in the jungle he was best known for his appearances on hit cooking show ‘Ready Steady Cook’. However, he is far from simply being a TV Chef – Gino co-owns and runs ‘Bontà Italia Ltd.’, which is a leading and respected importer of Italian ingredients.

Gino has also written two very good books:

Fantastico!: Modern Italian Food

Book Description: Gino D’Acampo is passionate about Italian food. He is equally passionate about how to cook, but also believes that you don’t need hundreds of ingredients and complicated haute cuisine techniques to achieve fantastic food. His maxim is minimum effort, maximum food, and if you cook the 100 recipes in his book, following his tips, NOT breaking his 10 rules – such as not mixing onion and garlic – and joining in his enthusiasm and humour, you will soon learn how to make great Italian food. This is a cookbook filled with modern Italian food, infused with Gino’s style and encompassing the myriad influences that have pervaded the country’s cuisine.

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Book Description: ‘Buonissimo!’, Gino’s second book builds on the success of his first, ‘Fantastico!’, which was the perfect introduction to his cooking style. In ‘Buonissimo!’ Gino shows you how to make food that is simple, sexy, but very, very satisfying. It is his cookbook for the people – because it contains recipes for everybody, whether you live by yourself, with a friend or partner or as part of a big family. Gino believes that food brings people together, and the way the chapters are organised reflects this: ‘Facile facile’ is full of recipes that take hardly any time or ingredients to make but taste fantastic. The recipes in ‘Per Tutti i Giorni’ are cosy weekday suppers – quick, easy and perfect for families. For modern life, Gino’s recipes are straightforward and unpretentious, focusing on flavour rather than complicated cooking techniques or expensive ingredients.

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