Buy Fresh Fish Online

Buy Fresh Fish Online - including Cod and Scrod

If you want to buy quality fish at the best prices then you should get yourself a trusted online supplier. This has many advantages; you will no longer need to go and find a stockist or a market serving the fish you require, your fish will be delivered to your door, quality is guaranteed, and using a regular online supplier gets you discounts and special offers.

We have teamed up with Legal Sea Foods to get you access to the freshest fish available online at the best prices.

Legal Sea Foods select only the freshest fish, unparalleled in quality and taste. They work only with licensed, certified boats that bring their finest catch directly to them. Then Legal Sea Foods personally select “top of the catch” (the most recently caught fish) and put the selections through a rigorous quality control process. From their focus on freshness right down to their signature seasonings, every step guarantees the best possible dining experience.


Buy Fresh Scrod Buy Fresh Scrod: Share a New England tradition. Our 8-oz. Scrod, a firm, meaty white fish, will please the seafood lover. Scrod 4 and 6 packs are available from $43.95. Buy It Here  
Buy Fresh Haddock Buy Fresh Haddock: A member of the Cod family, Haddock is considered the premium whitefish. Our 8-oz. portions have a delicate, flaky texture and mild flavor that is great for fish and chips or baked with a breadcrumb topping. Includes Legal’s own seasoned breadcrumbs. Haddock packs from $43.95. Buy It Here
Buy Fresh Littlenecks Buy Fresh Littlenecks: The sweetest, most flavorful of the clam family, these tender littlenecks are perfect for steaming or eating raw on the half-shell. Only $12.95 per lb. Buy It Here
Buy Fresh Tuna Online Buy Fresh Tuna: This robust, flavorful fish, also known as Ahi, is the finest quality, sushi-grade cut for melt-in-your-mouth tenderness.Our 8-oz. portions can be served grilled or seared. Includes roasted red pepper sauce. Tuna comes in various size packs starting at $67.95. Buy It Here
Buy Fresh Swordfish Online Buy Fresh Swordfish: A favorite for the grill, our 8-oz.  swordfish is an elegant New England favorite, known for its moistness and mild flavor. Includes herb vinigarette. This fresh Swordfish is available in various sized packs starting from $67.95. Buy It Here
Buy Fresh Atlantic Salmon Filet Buy Fresh Atlantic Salmon Filet: A gourmet fish, rich in heartly healthy Omega 3′s, our fresh 8 oz. portions are distinct in flavor and texture. Serve it broiled, poached, baked or grilled.   Includes herb vinaigrette. The Salmon comes in various sized packs starting at $49.95. Buy It Here
Buy fresh Scallops and Chowder Buy Fresh Scallops & Chowder: Delight the shellfish lovers on your gift list. This flavorful combination pairs our delicate, tender sea scallops with our award-winning chowder. The Scallops & Chowder come in various sizes and are priced from $48.95. Buy It Here
Buy Fresh Mussels Buy Fresh Mussels: High in protein, vitamins and minerals, our fresh mussels are tasty when served steamed, fried or baked. Price does not include overnight delivery. The mussels are priced at an amazing $6.95 per lb. Buy It Here
Buy Fresh Oysters Buy Fresh Oysters: A raw bar delicacy. Oysters have a distinct, rich flavor. Try them raw, fried or steamed: Great with our Legal cocktail sauce. Oysters are sold at $19.95 by the dozen. Buy It Here
Buy Fresh Crab Cakes Buy Fresh Crab Cakes & Chowder: A true “Legal” best-seller. Legal’s award-winning New England clam chowder teamed with mouth-watering crab cakes. The crab Caked & chowder come in a variety of pack sizes, starting at $52.95. Buy It Here
Buy Alsakan King Crab Buy Alaskan King Crab Legs: A spectacular gift — tantalizingly sweet and sized for hearty appetites, our crab legs arrive pre-cooked and pre-cracked for convenience so all the “chef” has to do is steam them…and soak up the applause! These King Crab legs come in various pack sizes starting at $44.95. Buy It Here