Cod Fish Facts

Cod Fish has been a staple of the human diet all throughout history and the cod has had an imeasurable influence on modern western civilisation, and with any long history that has been entwined with mankind many unique, interesting, and some amazing facts about the humble codfish have been discovered and recorded.

It is tragic to think that this incredible fish is now under threat from over-fishing, so we have gathered some of the more fascinating facts about the Cod Fish.

  • Cod produce a natural anti-freeze that allows them to cruise the icy northern oceans.
  • Cod has low fat content
  • Cod is high in Vitamin A, Vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids
  • Cod are omnivorous, swimming with their mouths open they will eat anything that fits, including young cod!
  • Cod flesh is white, whiter than most other fish because its muscle tissue is not built for speed, but for quick action to catch prey. For this reason cod are usually unable to out-run trawlers.
  • For a long time – particularly in England, the word fish was synonymous with cod.
  • Cod are believed to have existed as the species we know today for about 120 million years.
  • In New England cod is referred to as the “sacred cod”. Folk lore suggests that it was the fish Jesus used to feed the 5,000 but more likely to be because of its value to the local economy.
  • In the UK most cod are caught in Scotland but eaten in England – the Scots prefer haddock!
  • A female cod about a metre long can produce 3 million eggs in a spawning.
  • A cod surviving to a year old has virtually no predators from then onwards, other than man.
  • It takes about three years for the cod to reach a weight of five pounds. Some codfish have been known to grow to the enormous size of 150 to 200 pounds. These days a cod of over 10 pounds is considered a large cod, steaker or steak cod.
  • Norwegian scientists attract young cod to feeding sites by playing recordings of tuba music underwater.
  • The Portuguese claim to have 365 ways of preparing dried salt cod (bacalhau) one for each day of the year.
  • You can tell the age of a Cod Fish from the two white earstones in the skull (known as ‘otoliths’), these stones have annual growth rings that can be counted (much like the rings on a tree)
  • Cod are cannibals and will eat other cod fish
  • Cod was the original fish of choice used in th eMcDonald’s Filet-O-Fish burger
  • Codfish live to an average age of 15 years
  • Approximately 10% of the world’s fish catch is cod
  • Larger codfish are often observed playing a dominate role over smaller fish. Those with a higher rank in the hierarchy are more likely to defend their territory